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Hello! I’m Nikole Mitchell, and I am a recovering perfectionist and people-pleaser, a social justice junkie, and a lover of our global human family. Here is where I attempt to share my heart, my dreams, my struggles, and my frustrations about living in this beautiful yet broken world.

I’m married to an incredible human, and we have three awesome kiddos, Mercy (7) and Eden (4), and Judah (1). Our third babe was a surprise so our adoption has been put on hold.


After living in North America, Europe, and Asia, St. Paul, Minnesota is now “home”.

I have been a high school teacher, birth doula, bar tender, and world-changing businesswoman by night, but my biggest dream in life is becoming a traveling public speaker on the intersections of faith and being LGBTQ. I love preaching and writing, some of which can be found at Sojourners and Red Letter Christians. I’ve been vlogging on Facebook and have recently created a youtube channel to capture and keep those videos.

So in the midst of sleep deprivation, chocolate binges, and Netflix addiction, I blog about the messy ways we do life, and how I seek to find beauty in all of it.

Welcome to the mess. 🙂


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  1. Hi there Nikole!

    Just watched the sermon from WHC this week and there you were… GREAT JOB! I posted a response there but then found my way here. I just wanted you to know that if you ever want to or need to talk about what you are going through as you walk forward in your call, please let me know. We kinda lost track of one another after you and John left SJ, but I am still here and willing to listen, to pray with you and offer encouragement. The struggle of discernment and the walk of obedience and faithfulness is difficult but as you already know there is simply no other way! It does not hurt to have fellow sojourners on the journey, even those who have gone a bit ahead. So let me know if you would like to get together.

    PS Perhaps you could give me some tips on blogging!

    • Andrea, thank you so much for your encouraging words! Preaching this weekend was humbling and exhilarating! Thanks to WHC and Boyd and Eddy, I have finally been able to find my life’s calling! So so grateful for the community of WHC. And yes, it would be great to get together to chat. Let’s email. Thanks again for taking the time to write. So appreciate your encouragement!

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