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Autobiography – Complete!

Homework by Ektor (Flickr)

Homework by Ektor (Flickr)

We finally did it you guys! We finished all 159 questions on our Parent Autobiography with it ending up as a 43-paged paper! I just now emailed it to our awesome social worker, and it feels SO good to be done with that. Can’t wait yet kind of nervous to see what our social worker thinks about it. I mean, that’s a lot of personal stuff you’re sharing with someone you’re just getting to know!

John and I enjoyed reading each other?s answers and learning small new things [ READ MORE... ]

Why We’re Adopting

Adopt by Rumolay, Flickr.

Adopt by Rumolay, Flickr.

I was in high school or college when I knew that I wanted to adopt. I was old enough at that point to think beyond school years and into the future of if/when I would be married and able to have children. And this decision was largely influenced by the fact that my mother was adopted. I saw the beauty and good that came from her adoption (though we still yearn to meet her birth family) and wanted to participate in that gift of adoption.

When John and I were dating/engaged (because, really, we only [ READ MORE... ]

Garage Sale Success!

Mercy & Alayanna showing off their facepainting :)

Mercy & Alayanna showing off their facepainting 🙂

This weekend we had our *first* fundraising event for Baby M (as s/he will henceforth be known as;), and it was such a success! People from ALL over the Twin Cities donated clothing, toys, home decor, technology, antiques, baked goods and more to sell at our garage sale, and I am telling you, we had some amazing donations! A Kindle, two adult bikes in excellent shape, a guitar, an AC unit, three tables, a lush green chair/couch, a pack n play, amazing kid toys, as well as a ton of cookies, banana [ READ MORE... ]

Let the (adoption!) process begin!

Handful of Love by Nisha A. on Flickr

Handful of Love by Nisha A. on Flickr

So it?s begun. We?ve decided we?re ready for baby #3, and we couldn?t be more excited! And part of what makes us so excited is that we are going to adopt this time around! This is something we talked about before we got married, but got caught up with the craziness of life (moving back to the U.S., John getting a new job, buying a house, having a couple kids in the process, etc) that adoption was put on the back burner. It wasn?t until we became friends with a family [ READ MORE... ]

Fabulous Dinner & Dessert

photo 1(1)

This week I have been on a kick of making new (to me) meals. My favorite meal so far has been the Glazed Lentil Walnut Apple Loaf (yum!) and my favorite dessert – the Double Chocolate Crispy Frozen Dessert Bars (drool-worthy).

I?ve never before attempted a meat-less meatloaf before, so I was happily surprised to find this ?meatloaf? so good! I love how it is packed with nutrients, but my honest-to-goodness favorite part is the glaze. Next time I think [ READ MORE... ]

Mom’s Night Out

Last night my mom and I went to see Mom?s Night Out, and to my surprise, it was so good.
I was expecting it to be a pretty cheesy film, and so I was happily surprised to find myself laughing right out loud and clapping as I couldn?t contain the hilarity at certain points!
I was also just as surprised, if not even more so, to find myself crying at a couple different points in the movie. It?s true I?m easily moved to tears but tonight?s [ READ MORE... ]

Thankful For My Mom


A few weeks ago I did a post on (one of) my (many) hectic Friday morning(s). So this post is on the one perk of that Friday morning (besides my windows getting cleaned for the first time:).

One perk to Friday morning?s craziness was the opportunity to spend the day with my mom.
I am so, so grateful for my mom, for all that she is, and all that she does to support me. My mom is so encouraging and has always believed in me, even when I didn?t. We?re at this stage in life [ READ MORE... ]

Hot Mess Mama

Baby Mama by Theen ...
Baby Mama, a photo by Theen … on Flickr.

So Friday morning was one of those mornings.
The one where you just hop out of the shower only to see that your husband is calling. With your hair sopping wet and a towel haphazardly thrown about you, you rush to pick up the phone to hear your husband tell you that 3 men are on their way to the house to clean the windows. “You mean, they’re literally on their way, right this minute?” “Um, yeah. Sorry if I didn’t tell you that earlier.”

With that, I quickly hung [ READ MORE... ]

Hello world!

Hey Everyone!

Over the past couple years I have found that Messy Beauty describes my life. I find everything I do is just plain ol’ messy; the way I cook, clean, organize my life, it’s all a hot mess. It can drive my perfectionist side crazy, but I’m learning to embrace my messiness and to look for the beauty in the midst of it.

So that is the goal of this blog: to find beauty in the midst of life?s messes. And to start off this blog, I want to share a story that happened [ READ MORE... ]