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Fabulous Dinner & Dessert

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This week I have been on a kick of making new (to me) meals. My favorite meal so far has been the Glazed Lentil Walnut Apple Loaf (yum!) and my favorite dessert – the Double Chocolate Crispy Frozen Dessert Bars (drool-worthy).

I?ve never before attempted a meat-less meatloaf before, so I was happily surprised to find this ?meatloaf? so good! I love how it is packed with nutrients, but my honest-to-goodness favorite part is the glaze. Next time I think [ READ MORE... ]

A pick-me-up meal :)

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The past several weeks have been rough, so why not try to do a little pick-me-up with a bright and springy dish?

Not sure it will actually do much for my heart but it sure smells and looks good. 🙂

I?ve had the ingredients for this dish (Springtime Strawberry Lime Mango Crisp) for well over a week now but have been postponing making it because (a) it?s [ READ MORE... ]