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Overwhelmed yet Thankful

CALI, Flickr

This is how I feel (CALI, Flickr)

Our Dear Friends,
There’s (many) a reason why I’ve been absent from the blog, but it’s NOT because I’ve forgotten about you all! I constantly tell myself I need to sit down and update you all on our adoption journey, but finding the time has been nearly impossible (and no, it wasn’t due to Netflix-bingeing this time, surprisingly enough;).

We are currently in the beginning stage of our Home Study process, which is SUPER exciting because it just makes everything seem [ READ MORE... ]

The God of the Messy

The past two weeks we were blessed to have two of our former high school students stay with us. It was extra special because these two were from the other side of the world ? South Korea. It?s crazy to think that I taught them in 10th and 11th grade, and now they are 23 and 24 years old! It was such an enjoyment to have people to talk to, to spend the day with, and to do life together. Being an extrovert, there are days I ?lose it? just from the [ READ MORE... ]