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The Gift of Vulnerability / Preggo Update (11 weeks)

I Like It When You Hug Me XOXO

Wow, people? we have been truly amazed at all the love and support you guys have shown us in the past two weeks. In the weeks leading up to our big announcement, I was bursting to tell everyone and yet felt I couldn?t because I was afraid I would say all the wrong things (because of the emotional wreck that I was) and would hurt people as a result. So while I waited til I was a little more [ READ MORE... ]

A Request for Help


Hey guys. We are in need of some help.
As many of you know, John started a carpet cleaning business a year ago this month, and we are in the midst of what most new businesses go through: a time of drought.

Winter is the slowest season for carpet cleaning (c?mon, early spring!), which means we?re pulling in a lot less money than usual. Yesterday, Dream Steam (the company?s name) had $93 in its account. We thankfully [ READ MORE... ]

A Tribute to my Mother-in-law

One of the ways we are preparing for our baby?s adoption is by getting a bigger car. Our (awesome, well-loved, cool-color) Saturn Vue was no longer an option for us as we prepare to put a third car seat in our vehicle. So we put our car up for sale and began to look for a minivan (yay!), and to our surprise, the selling of our car and the purchase of our van went way faster than we expected! All was said and done within a week, which was amazing and a blessing! But what caught me by surprise [ READ MORE... ]